Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Year in Review

It’s only been about four months since I started this blog (the first entry was August 29, 2012), but a review of what’s been done so far with the Maverick Atheism Blog seemed like a good idea anyway.

The Argument from Evil

One of the best arguments for atheism is the argument from evil.

Rebutting Arguments for Theism

I’ve also attacked arguments for God this year:

I was hesitant to put the last one on the list because I also responded to the Maverick Christian article on the Leibnizian cosmological argument. Maverick Christian in turn responded to my article, and I haven’t written a counter-response to that yet; looks like that’ll happen next year.

Still, all in all hasn’t been a bad year (or rather four months) arguing for atheism and thinking independently. I look forward to continuing that tradition next year.

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