Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bad Timing

As I mentioned in my previous post, according to the Bible God did some pretty amazing stuff. Not only is there the proverbial burning bush in the in Exodus 3, but also the pillar of fire of Exodus 13:21, and the supernatural plagues that God brought upon ancient Egypt in Exodus 7-11, and the parting of the red sea in Exodus 14:21-22—and that’s all just from one book of the Old Testament!

But when you think about it, the time period in which these conspicuous miracles allegedly took place was during the most superstitious times in history, when there were none of the objective and reliable recording technologies (as video cameras) to capture them. For the Judeo-Christian who believes God works miracles today, why did God stop doing the conspicuous miracles like the parting of the red sea? Why not do them now? Seems to me that if God wanted people to believe in him, he would have made the obvious miracles of legend in the modern day, where we could reliably record them. If God could only choose one place to work fantastic miracles for people to believe in him, a time period with the recording technology we have now would have been a better time, and choosing the most superstitious time period without such technology would be bad timing.

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